What makes a wind turbine more efficient?



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    The main criterion for wind turbine efficiency is being able to transfer more of the wind’s linear momentum (or energy) to the angular momentum of the rotor.  Ways to make the transfer more complete include reducing friction along the rotor’s axis by using higher quality bearings; finding the optimal tilt for the blades (to balance momentum transfer and friction of the air as the rotor spins); aligning the rotor’s axis parallel to the direction of the wind (like a weathervane); and monkeying with the aerodynamics of the blades to accomodate typical wind speeds in different regions.

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    About a year ago National Geographic ran a story on biomimetics.  In it they discussed the design of a wind turbine mimicing the shape of a humpback whale’s fin.  They believed this design would allow a turbine to generate more energy output with a reduction in speed and noise. 

    Check out some other mimicry we are using in animals in the article and take a look at the photo gallery.

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