what makes wheat grass edible and not regular grass?



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    Wheat grass is simply the green baby grass of wheat before it reaches full maturity. Humans also eat many other cereal grasses including barley grass, rye grass, and oat grass. There are many types of grasses but only a few that humans eat. As far as turf grass, its just one of those plants that humans haven’t developed an appetite for. Wheat grass has a similar nutritional profile to other dark leafy vegetables that humans consume. It has Vitamin K, Folic Acid, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, protein, fiber, vitamin C, and many B Vitamins.

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      Wheatgrass is a type of forage grass planted on western lands for livestock grazing. Human digestive systems are not adapted to eating grass leaves, but we can digest seeds from many of the grasses such as wheat, rice, oats, etc.

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      You’ve obviously never been to a health food store. Or maybe you don’t live in America? Humans have been widely eating wheat grass in America since the 1930’s when it was popularized by Dr Charles Schnabel. No, I didn’t just pull all that info plus the citations out from thin air.

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