What makes valley of the moon so different?



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    I assume by “Valley of the Moon” you mean the Sonoma Valley in California, which has been associated with that poetic name. The Sonoma Valley has a very unique ecology as a result of its geographic location surrounded by mountains and particularly its watershed. The microclimate that prevails in this rich valley happens to make it one of the best places in the United States to grow grapes, and consequently it has been protected by the federal government as an American Viticultural Area. Sonoma Valley produces a high number of wonderful wines, most notably cabernet sauvignon (called “claret” in Europe), and wine as well as wine tourism are among the region’s major industries. An emphasis on preserving the unique ecology of the valley has led to a number of wineries instituting green practices in their winemaking, designed to preserve the nutrients of the soil and thus ensure bountiful future harvests of world-class wines.

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