What makes Styrofoam such a bad material for the environment?



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    There are a lot of reasons, too many to list here at once.  Styrene, the primary component of styrofoam, is responsible for acute health effects in those who have high exposure to it, such as factory workers.  In 1986 the EPA named polystyrene as the 5th largest creator of hazardous waste.  Even when you recycle polystryrene, it isn’t in a “closed loop” system, and is only remanufactured into cups and other polystyrene products.

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    There are many reasons why Styrofoam (also known as polystyrene) is hazardous. Styrofoam is thought to be a carcinogen and is classified as such by the EPA. Prolonged exposure to Styrofoam can lead to health effects including eye and skin irritation, kidney damage, respiratory problems, and nervous system damage. Additionally, Styrofoam is made from petroleum, an unsustainable and pollutive substance. Styrofoam also fills landfills and there are not many methods of recycling. The substance is dangerous to wildlife because when it is ingested Styrofoam blocks their digestive system, leading to wildlife death. For further information, refer to the link below.

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    because syrofoams release CFC easily. by cutting it or poking it releases some harmful carcon.

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