What makes spray paint less eco-friendly than regular paint?



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    Spray paint is less eco-friendly because of the means through which it is used: the aersol can. Aerosol cans are bad because they release CFCs into the atmosphere. CFC is short for chlorofluorocarbon (thank goodness for abbreviations!). Basically, they are nontoxic materials that become detrimental when released into the atmosphere, where they break down the ozone layer. The particular part of the ozone layer that these CFCs deplete is what generally protects the Earth from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It doesn’t take much of a depletion to increase the risk of skin cancer in humans and other genetic damage for many organisms. One CFC molecule takes over 100 years before it becomes harmless. 100 years! That’s why the aerosol can, and thus spray paint, is less eco-friendly.

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    Basically, it’s the aerosol can that the spray paint comes in. The can is less eco-friendly because it releases chemicals into the air everytime it’s sprayed. They also contain chemicals that are highly flammable and are spread through the air when sprayed, contributing to smog.

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    Paint in a can is a hazardous material and contains a lot of chemicals, which is why you can’t just throw your leftover paint in the trash.
    SPRAY paint has all the same cons as regular paint, AND the propellant that is used to squirt it out of the can is a chlorofluorocarbon, which kills the ozone layer.

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