What makes something that is fair trade green?



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    Any fair trade that is considered green must promote some kind of sustainability in the environment while allowing for commerce to continue.  An example of green fair trade includes ecotourism–an industry that generates over 1 trillion US dollars/year. There is speculation involving what actually classifies as “ecotourism,” and some companies have used the term in recent years to simply create more revenue.

    Green fair trade can be applied to the energy sector as well. Innitiatives by foreign companies to buy contracts on American soil and build wind turbines and solar panels also classifies as green fair trade.   

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    Fair Trade organizations encourage organic farming. According to Fair Trade USA, “the fair trade model requires rigorous protection of local ecosystems” and helps farmers to practice sustainable farming by making sure that they receive a harvest price. Since fair trade focuses in part on the rights and protection of workers, organic farming if part of the project not only because it’s good for the environment, but because it’s healthier for the workers.

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