What makes something dishwasher safe?



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    Dishwater safe items are those that can withstand the strong cycles. Some items, like travel mugs would not be able to be properly cleaned by a dishwasher. Since travel mugs typically have two layers, separated by a small space of air, the water from the dishwasher can get trapped in this small space.  This can damage the mug as well as create an undesirable smell. Metal mugs or items have a sensitive surface layer so they should not be exposed to the harsh detergent and strong water pressure of dishwashers.   

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    Dishwasher safe refers to something that will not be damaged either by the water or heat in the dishwasher (usually the heat). For example, something made of certain types of plastic (especially some baby bottles) may not be safe in the dishwasher because it could melt when the dishwasher uses hot water in the cycle, as well as steam, which is very hot. Some blenders aren’t dishwasher safe because they will not hold their structural integrity under the heat, especially plastic ones, some of which are expected to fracture if put in the dishwasher.

    Pottery or handmade dishes tend to be borderline dishwasher safe/unsafe because the strong cycles may erode or a dish if it is not properly glazed.

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