What makes some autistic people really smart?



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    Autism affects people on varying levels of severity. Experts have been fascinated with the study of autistic children and adults for most of the past century, and for good reason. There are high-functioning autistics who are more or less autonomous but tend to lack the social skills of those without disabilities. Then there are people who are severely autistic and require assistance with everyday tasks and cannot live independently. In some cases, however, people with autism that have been otherwise considered severely autistic will reveal themselves as quite capable and intelligent. In fact, more and more experts are finding that although autistic people have characteristically low IQs, they may still have high intelligence. For this reason, some autistic people are further categorized as having Asperger’s Syndrome, named after an Austrian pediatrician who helped pioneer the study of autism.

    Check out the interesting article below from Wired Magazine about an autistic woman who can successfully communicate (in her own way, and without speaking) to the world through posting videos on YouTube and blogging, but still needs assistance with everyday living tasks.

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