What makes solar panels bad for the environment?



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    Manufacturing anything new takes energy, which often comes from fossil fuel sources. So, the initial manufacturing process for solar panels may consume fossil fuels in the short-run, but in the long-run we will save fossil fuels. Also, as we develop better technology for manufacturing solar panels, we may be able to manufacture new solar panels using electricity from old solar panels.

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    True enough about the manufacturing of solar panels. Another negative impact of solar farms in particular is that they can potentially disrupt the ecosystem that they are placed in. This is true mostly for panels that are placed on the ground, and not so much ones placed atop buildings. The article below talks about planting extra vegetation to help alleviate erosion, and that in the long run, renewable energy may outweigh any disruption of nature, for which the scientists do their very best to fix with extra plants and such. I also believe that as solar panels become more and more efficient, less will be needed to power our world, and will free up more space for nature.

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