What makes smog so dangerous?



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    Smog like smoking cigarettes is a slow yet certain hazard. What makes smog dangerous is its persistence. Every day excluding maybe a few a month smog hovers over the major cities of the world. So many autos, sending so many particles into the air.

    Smog, aside from being the cause of various respiratory disorders, mixes with cloud vapor and produces what is known as acid rain. Acid rain leaches minerals from the soil and carries said minerals in overabundance into streams, water wells and oceans. This mineral pollution produces algae blooms which can be detrimental to marine life present.

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    Djstam is right on in that smog is dangerous because of its persistence, certain people can be at greater risk of health related issues due to smog. Children are especially at risk, especially those with asthma. Also at increased risk adults who are physically active outside — those who enjoy walking, jogging, biking, etc. in areas where smog are prevalent. People with respiratory conditions are at increased risk, as well. 

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