What makes a shopping center sustainable?



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    A new shopping center in Belgium is ideally situated in order to reduce carbon emissions of visiting shoppers; most people can easily get there by foot or by bike. The architecture includes many skylights to utilize natural sunlight. The center’s air quality will be maintained through air treatment stations on the roof. Read more about it on the website below.

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    A shopping center may be considered sustainable in terms of its architecture. For example, Médiacité, a shopping center in Belgium has been specifically designed to be easily accessible by foot, bike and public transportation. This reduces the amount of emissions caused by motor vehicles. The shopping center is also built with lots of skylights on the roof to bring in natural light. “Rainwater will be collected from the roof and stored and waste material will be properly sorted. Energy efficiency was also a top priority, and the project includes many energy efficient strategies like allowing the shops limited access to electricity to reduce their consumption, high-efficiency condensing gas boilers and a semi-reflective transparent roofing material that reduces heat gain.”

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