What makes a restaurant so expensive?



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    There can be any number of factors from marketing to ingredient sourcing. A restaurant maybe expensive because it has a well known chef in charge of its kitchen for example. It may also be expensive because it imports a great deal of it’s ingredients from abroad or from particular locales of renown quality. But mostly the price of a restaurant has much to do with the ambiance. Everything from the table clothes and the decor on the walls to the waiters uniforms and their breadth of knowledge. Very often the actual quality or quantity of food is only secondary.

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    I think it depends on the type of restaurant you’re going to.  For example, a really upscale expensive restaurant is more expensive because it’s a higher quality of service and atmosphere.  Meanwhile, a diner is not terribly expensive, but because it’s not quite so high in those qualities, it doesn’t cost as much.  Cooking your own food is the cheapest method.

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