What makes raccoons dangerous?



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    Raccoons can be dangerous for a number of reasons.  Leaving trash open outside of your house will attract these animals.  Once they come a few times it may become a common occurrence. 

    Raccoons sometimes carry diseases and intestinal worms that may be passed on to humans.  They may have ticks, fleas, mites, and lice as well.  These ailments lead to mange, rabies, and canine distemper. 

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    Raccoons are dangerous because they carry parasites and diseases that could be passed to humans. These include the roundworm parasite, which lays eggs that get passed through the raccoon’s feces. Coming into contact with the feces puts one at risk of becoming a host for the parasite. Raccoons also carry rabies, canine distemper (a viral disease), coccidiosis (an intestinal disease), mange (a skin disease resulting from mites), and upper respiratory diseases.

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    Apart from the disease factors, raccoons have claws and teeth. Anything with claws and teeth, minus domesticated pets, has the ability to be dangerous for the physical damage they can cause. 

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