What makes pygmy people so small?



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    Though there have been many ideas based on the fact that a smaller person needs less food, or is able to live in close areas, there are short people everywhere, not just in pygmy tribes, and they do not always eat less food, etc. A study I found gives a different (more believable) hypothesis. The average lifespan of a pygmy is around 25 years. Because of this, it is necessary to procreate at an early age, say 14 or 15. It would be difficult, however, to bear children at that age if one was still growing, so it may be that they are shorter so they are full-grown by the time that they reach age 12 or so, and ready to start having children.

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    Genetics, mostly. Pygmies develop in isolated environments, where a combination of a smaller gene pool, combined with the fact that a smaller body size allows for more maneuvarability in cramped environments, allow for a natural tendency to create smaller humans. So the divergency is because of natural selection vs a limited gene pool.

    I hope this helped!

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    I agree with the statement that is has to do with genetics.  There was likely some mutation in their lineage a long time ago that made one individual and their offspring shorter than another tribe.  They may have broken off and settled in another tribe, limiting the gene pool with which they interact.  This type of establishment of a group of people is called the founder effect, where one, or a few people with similar genetics starts a new group.

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