What makes plastic grocery bags so much worse for the environment than paper?



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    One of the main problems with plastic bags is that they are not biodegradeable, meaning they are not able to naturally be broken down. As a result the amount of plastic bag litter and refuse grows unstopped. The plastic contributes significantly to marine and land pollution. Many animals as well die from ingestion of the toxic plastic bags. 

    The manufacturing process of plastic bags is also incredibly wasteful as they are made from crude oil, a non renewable resource, and creates a significant amount of pollution. 

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    Not necessarily anything. Read a few of the dozens of previous answers to get a better feel for the debate on this question. In many ways, paper bags are much worse than plastic bags.

    Also, the other answer is incorrect in stating that plastic grocery bags are made from oil. In fact, about 79% of such bags are made from natural gas, which is also a nonrenewable source but rather different from crude oil.

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    Researching this question, I was surprised at some of the negative impacts of paper bags. The best bags to put groceries in are organic plant fiber bags. These are reusable, biodegradable, and renewable. Cotton and canvas bags are also good options with similar benefits.

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    Please, check out this article by the Washington Post. It gives the rundown on paper vs. plastic. Even though more paper bags are recycled, plastic bags use less energy and produce fewer pollutants during production. Biome is certainly right. Use renewable bags!

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    Plastic bags tend to get accumulate easily in landfills. They also tend to get caught in the middle of the road, in the tires of cars and in sewage. When they get caught in sewage they go straight to ocean and tend to caught around the necks of sea creatures. An overabundance of plastic bags is unsafe for the environment is as jmendez stated that plastic bags are not biodegradable.

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    because plastic bags take lot longer to decompose and when they do they release dangers chemicals in to the in to the ground water


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    I once heard that plastic bags are in fact bio-degradable, however, it might take around 100-150 years to fully decompose, hence being a problem for the environment. But, since it takes such a long time to decompose, one could say plastic bags are not bio-degradable.

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