What makes an owl so good at seeing at night?



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    Owls eyes are full of something called light receptors, or rods. This allows them to see in very dim locations. Different species of owls can see in various levels of light depending on just how nocturnal they are. Owls can also see fine during the day because they can close their irises to allow smaller amounts of light in their eyes.

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    Owls have incredible eyes that allow them to see clearly in the dark. They have certain adaptations that make them successful nocturnal hunters. First, their eyes are large and face forward. This makes for good stereoscopic vision, which helps them to judge distances. Second, their eyes are tubular, not round. This makes the cornea larger, and more light can enter it. This is a reason why owls are sensitive to low light intensities. Finally, although owls can’t move their eyes inside their head, their heads themselves can rotate 270 degrees. Quite remarkable!

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