What makes one e-reader better than the other one?



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    From the consumer stand point I think there are two major factors, readability and battery life. Readability has to do with the size of the screen and the type of screen, that are easier on the eyes. Battery life is pretty self explanatory, if you sit down and read you don’t want the battery to go dead at the most exciting part. Memory could also be a factor but it is rare that people read more than one book at a time. 

    From the environmental point of view it’s a different story. It has to do with the materials and the processes used to manufacture the product. Materials that are recyclable are better for the environment, as well as manufacturing processes that are efficient and use as little hazardous chemicals as possible. But in the end, they still might not be as eco-friendly as a regular book and definitely not as good as a book made from recycled paper. 

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    I could list a lot of ways. The features can be different, and, depending on your preferences and habits, any one can be important. For example, see the comparison on nook and Kindle in the site in citations. You may care about things like how books are purchased and delivered to the device and which formats are accepted. You may like e-ink screens, text searching, music playback, and so on and so forth. Technical specifications matter, starting with memory size or battery life. I’d like to know which one has faster processor or more RAM, but those details are rarely listed – this may affect how fast I can search the library or text and how fast it opens a book and so on. And you may simply like the size or appearance and customization options of a device.

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