What makes ice more blue?



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    Ice appears more blue the more consolidated it is. If there are bubbles at the surface, those bubbles reflect light back up to your eyes, making it appear white. If there is nothing to reflect light back up at the surface, the light travels through the ice, where it absorbs red light 6 times as strongly as it absorbs blue light. The redder part of the light being absorbed makes the object look more blue.

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    The denser a block of ice is, the bluer it looks.  It also has to be quite large.  You may have rather dense ice cubes in your freezer, but they are too small to take on a blue hue.  It also depends on light waves, because blue penetrates a substance (like ice or water) the farthest.  Just as a glass of water appears clear, the ocean is very blue because of its large size and the blue light waves penetrating far below the surface.  Pictures of the Arctic and Antarctic are perfect examples of giant ice caves that appear to glow blue because of their massive size.

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