What makes a medical facility eco friendly?



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    Medical facilities can be made eco-friendly by the proper sorting and recycling of their waste products. Made more friendly by the use of bio-degradable products and cleaning chemical which aren’t composed of harsh chemicals. Also planting gardens and trees around the facility aid not only in the outside eco-system but will elevate the morale of medical personnel and staff.

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    Medical facilities can also be eco friendly in the ways other buildings can.  They can use energy efficient lighting, or products designated with the Water Sense label.

    There is also a green hospital movement.  According to the Physicians for Social Responsibility, a green hospital will “choose an environmentally friendly site, utilizes sustainable and efficient designs, uses green building materials and products, thinks green during construction and keeps the greening process going. A Green Hospital is constructed around a hospital that recycles, reuses materials, reduces waste, and produces cleaner air.”

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    Medical facilities can be eco-friendly if they are recyclable and those that are not recyclable are not derived through any process that is iniical to the environment.

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    Hospitals can be known as eco-friendly if they recycle, dispose of their waste that do not harm the environment, incorporate more green buildings, use bio-degradable products, use more eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, and so on. Using products that have no fragrance and toxicity and are environmentally friendly can be more beneficial for the patients, staff personnel, and the community.

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