What makes a mattress organic?



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    An organic mattress must be made from all organic materials: cotton, wool, natural latex and, in the case of bed frames, sustainably grown wood.  Savvyrest.com describes the difference between its mattresses and conventional ones—they say that most conventional mattresses are made with toxic chemicals as flame retardents or just to manufacture comfort.  As The Natural Sleep Store points out, conventionally grown cotton is grown with pesticides, so organic cotton is far better for the environment.  They also say that conventional sheets often have formaldehyde in them to prevent wrinkles, so natural bedding is a healthier alternative.

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    Adding to the this answer, a typical mattress is made of up of metal springs or just foam sandwhiched between polyurethane foam. As a side note, the polyurethane foam  is linked to respitory problems. Moving on, most organic mattreses aren’t really fully organic. You see part of can be organic, but the base and padding won’t be. The Futon Shop is a great example that is the closest I know to being fully organic. They use USDA certified organic cotton while manufacturing their mattresses and offer soy-based foam mattresses.

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