what makes Korea’s transportation infrastructure so green?



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    First of all, Korea has been spending 78% of their stimulus package on “green” investments, more than any other country. Now out of that, 30% is going towards low carbon vehicles, and greener railways. They are also ahead of many other countries by creating long-term plan for green development, and shifting and focusing their economy industries on this. Last year they implemented this with the “Five-Year Green Growth Plan” (2009-2013) where money will be spent on sustainable transportation, green energy/technology, etc. Which, in turn, is expected to create between 1.56-1.81 million jobs in these green industries, which will further develop, eventually creating a green based economy. This is why Korea’s transportation infrastructure is so green, because they are putting more money, time, and effort into it than any other country, which results in the development of greener technology and infrastructure. Hopefully this is an adequate answer.


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