What makes Komodo dragon saliva so dangerous?



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    At least four types of toxic bacteria that can cause septic infections live in the Komodo dragon’s saliva, making a bite from one usually lethal. Victims of these bites will usually die from blood poisoning within a day. Komodo dragons are known to follow prey they have bitten for hours, stalking them until they collapse from the bite.

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    Komodo dragon saliva is full of bacteria, to the point of being considered venomous. “Scientists had found some 50 different bacterial strains, at least seven of which are highly septic.” Komodos are a killing machine that can sprint up to 13mph for short distances, this means they can run in and bite something then let the venom finish the job. Komodos can also smell carrion (dead flesh) up to 2.5km away, carrion is their primary source of food and the source of much of their bacteria. Additionally, they possess antibodies in their blood making them immune to their own venom and the venom of other dragons.

    This makes them a quick and effective killer. Or if plan A fails, they can let the venom weaken the prey and kill it over days, then find the body later to consume.

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