What makes it a cold climate forest?

How cold does it have to be?



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    A cold climate forest, or Tiaga/Boreal Forest, is a variety of coniferous forest that extends around the world at high latitudes (through Eurasia and North America). Temperatures vary from -65 to 30F in winter to 20 to 70F in summer.

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    Canada, and some parts of Asia and Europe are cold forest areas that have short summers and long cold winters. Temperatures range in the winter from -65 to 30F (-54 to -1C) and in the summer from 20 to 70F (-7 to 21C).

    The vegetation there is made of many coniferous trees (with needles) such as pine trees (like Christmas trees). This type of vegetation is called the Taiga. Life in the Taiga is cold and snowy; food is hard to find especially in the winter. The Canadian goose, ermine, weasel, howl, moose, red fox and wolverine are typical animals that live in these areas. Summers are rainy, warm and humid. Yearly precipitations are between 12 and 33 inches (30-85 cm). Animals and plants have adapted to the four seasons of the temperate forests: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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    Cold Temperatures.

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