What makes an interior design good for the environment?



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    Interior design can be made eco-friendly much like other things in that’s it’s all in the pudding.  Essentially it is the materials that can make a design more or less eco-friendly.

    To start, the main ingredients like the wood and the furniture that is used to fill a space can all be switched to more sustainable versions such as bamboo and cork instead of hard woods and recycled or re-used furniture instead of brand new items. 

    Next, accents such as lights can also be more eco-friendly by switching to CFLs (compact flourescent lights) instead of typical bulbs that use significantly more energy and are a draining resource.   

    What’s more is that even things like paint are more eco-friendly now.  Paint contains VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are dangerous to air quality because of the toxic substances they contain.  Paint manufacturers now make paints that contain fewer VOCs making the paint healthier and more environmentally friendly. 

    Lastly, think about ways you can decorate with more of a green mind.  Recycle things that you would’ve normally thrown away to make funky and unique collages and visit yard sales and pick up items that other people are throwing away to canvas your home with fun and eco-friendly pieces. 

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    There are many things that are used in the interiors of buildings that can be harmful to people and the environment, so if an environmentally friendly interior design will avoid things like paints, veenered furniture, plastics, synthetic carpets, plywood or particle boards, and flame retardants used in upholsteries that give off toxins.  These toxins get into the air and into our lungs.  Some products that make an interior design environmentally friendly are organic paints, biodegradable carpets made out of natural materials like cotton, and reused or recycled furniture instead of new furniture to reduce waste and consumption.

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    Interior decoration is very important when constructing home. I think painting is necessary in any home.


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