What makes indoor pollution?



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    Indoor pollution comes from a variety of sources. Building materials, paints, solvents, household cleaners, chemically treated fabrics, and many other items can give off volatile organic compounds (VOC). Many of these things are now available with a low-VOC label. In office buildings, employees have experienced headaches and other symptoms from VOCs found in the carpeting, and furniture. In restaurants, pesticides used in the dining room and kitchen can degrade indoor air quality and present excessive exposure for wait staff. Smoke in the home from cigarettes, incense, and candles can lower air quality. In some areas of the country, radon is prevalent in the ground and can enter the home.

    Removing specific sources, increasing ventilation, and adding plants can improve indoor air quality.

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    There are many sources of indoor pollution. Some include gas heaters, gas appliances, tobacco smoke, wood and gas burning fireplaces. Check out the link for other sources. 

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