What makes a green job a good job?



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    Green jobs are good jobs for several reasons. First off, and most importantly, is the sense of accomplishment in going to work for a good cause. Secondly, there is quite a bit of job security in green jobs because it is a rapidly growing industry. As environmental preservation comes to the forefront of American thought and politics, the number of jobs dedicated to the environment continue to increase.

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    To expand on celiabarenfanger’s excellent answer, I would like to add that there are many types of green jobs, and they all have different benefits. Some jobs are semi-green instead of fully green. Fully green jobs have better working conditions than other jobs (or, if you are telecommuting, you get to pick your own working condidtions). I loved working at a Boy Scout camp because I got to breathe fresh air every day and know that I was helping to reach out to some of America’s future leaders. However, the food could have used some improvement. OK, a lot of improvement.

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    As with any job, the sense of how “good” it is stands with what the individual considers good. Generally speaking, a good green job is one that allows you to feel accomplished and fulfilled at the end of the day, while still being able to make a decent living. A lot of green jobs are part time or don’t pay that well, but since the industry is growing the demand for these jobs will increase. 

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