What makes a Green Certified website?



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    There are several agencies that will certify your website as green, with varying levels of meaning/authenticity. For example, begreencertified.com only needs the name of the website to provide an instant certification, so its word may not be valued very highly. And the “green” businesses on verifiedgreenbusiness.com are simply the ones willing to pay a monthly subscription.

    Many of the more reliable certifications, such as that of tickgreen.com.au, mean that the company has made a donation to offset the energy and therefore the carbon used to run their website. Carbon offset buying simply means that the company pays for forest preservation, planting new trees, or some other activity that should neutralize the amount of carbon they are using.

    In general, it is most useful to research who has decided the site is “green certified,” and what their criteria are.

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    Becoming a Certified Green Business will help an environmentally conscious business use their community and social concern to create a competitive advantage for themselves while encouraging others to do their part in saving the planet for future generations. There are many different private companies and governments agencies that can offer green certification.

    The SBA says to differentiate a product or service as environmentally sound, a business may want to obtain certification from an independent, third-party so that you can include their logo or “ecolabel” on the product’s label and other marketing materials. Ecolabeling is important way to market your product to green consumers.  The Institute for Green Business Certification, Inc. is one such company that can help.

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