What makes graffiti so bad for the environment?



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    It’s not necessarily graffiti that is bad for the environment, although a huge man made mural on the side of a hill is not exactly aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I think it’s more along the lines of the spray cans used to make graffiti is bad for the environment. Many aerosol cans use a propane/butane mixture as the propellant. Other aerosol cans use carbon dioxide as the propellant. When spraying graffiti, these byproducts go into the air and contaminate the atmosphere.

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    Because graffiti itself is not necessarily a bad thing but the spray paint cans are, there is a movement now called eco-graffiti which makes public art out of natural materials. 

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    Another problem with graffiti is that strong chemicals are needed to remove it.  That has an obvious effect on the environment.

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