What makes a good compost bin?



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    There are a number of different methods to composting, so there are a couple avenues you could follow in trying to make the best compost bin possible for yourself. Once you find what works best for your situation, the link attached has tips on building and maintaining the most efficient and effective compost bin. Those instructions should help you get on your way!

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    edmccoy11 is right, there are many creative ways to compost. I have gone into a local store where they sell indoor composting systems. If you have a yard though, I would suggest separate compost heaps, designated for different stages in the composting process. Earthworms and ants are always good additions to compost piles (The more bugs that live, eat, poo and die in your soil, the better!).  I’ve even used a large flowerpot for composting on my apartment’s patio.

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    This company called Nature Mill has really nice compost bins that would look great with your kitchen decor.  They are really modern even providing a stainless steel option.

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    A good compost bin relies on a number of things. First, there must be good aeration of the soil. This occurs through turning the compost as well as creating compost bins that allow for airflow. Sencondly, make sure that you layer dry and wet materials.  Also, do not add any meat products or other foods that would encourage the growth of dangerous bacteria.  One of the best ways to build a compost bin on the cheap, (if your interested) is to make a garbage can bin.  My first compost bin was a grabage can bin because they are cheap and easy.  First, drill 1/2 to 1 inch holes in the sides of the plastic garbage can.  Then, get a length of 6″ diameter PVC pipe and drill a bunch more 1/2 inch holes.  Then, wire some chicken wire around the whole bin to prevent rats (if you live in the city).  Finally, take the length of pvc pipe and center it vertically inside the can, packing your compost around it.  This will help with aeration.  

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