What makes geothermal energy so eco friendly?



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    Geothermal energy is considered so eco friendly because it is is clean and sustainable. It releases very little in carbon emissions, and has no dangerous biproduct gases. It is sustainable because the water that produces the energy will continuously be recycled, so it is a true renewable resource. Also, the amount of potential geothermal energy in the earth is massive. According to Discover Magazine, 5% of the planet’s geothermal wealth could generate enough electricity for 260 million Americans.  

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    There’s two traits of geothermal energy that make it particularly eco friendly- its availability and its cleanliness. 

    Because geothermal energy is heat generated from the Earth, it’s really available anywhere that has heat escaping, such as geysers. This energy is available every hour of every day of every year, unlike wind or solar power which depend on a resource that is not always available. There are many more aspects of geothermal energy that make it clean- be sure to check out the cited article.

    Because geothermal energy can be extracted without burning fossil fuels, it’s also very clean. Geothermal fields produce about 1/6 of the carbon dioxide tat a natural-gas plant produces and flash plants only emit steam- no air or liquid emissions.

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