What makes a ferret a good pet?



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    If you live on a farm, a ferret could be a valuable companion. You can use your pet ferret to perform a task known as ferreting. Ferreting involves sending your ferret into a rabbit hole to “flush” the rabbit out of his hole. Rabbits can be quite a nuisance on farms, what with their unquenchable appetite for carrots, and there tendency towards having a number of carrot-loving offspring.

    Off the farm, ferrets make a charming pet. They love to play, and for the most part they aren’t afraid of other animals. They love tunnels, so owning a ferret can be a perfect excuse to set up clever mazes around your house.

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    According to ferret aficionados, ferrets are playful and joyous creatures that make for great companionship and entertainment. They are happiest and healthiest when developing bonds with other animals and humans, and thus owners get a fulfilling feeling in caring for and enjoying their pets. 

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    Top 10 Reasons:

    1. They’re adorable! (Not enough to convince you?  Keep reading.)

    2. They’re very playful and curious.  (A friend had a ferret who someone found herself in the AC piping throughout the house.  Was that a trip trying to get her out!)

    3. They’re socialable, super friendly, and very outgoing.

    4. They’re wicked smaaht.  (Managed to get into the AC piping … wasn’t quite sure how to get out 🙂 ).

    5. They’re quite.  They really don’t make that much noise (all considering).  They can make vocal sounds, but do not bark, chirp, or meow!

    6. They’re small and portable.  Going on a trip?  Take the ferret with you.

    7. They’re easy to feed.  They need lots of protein and fat.  Not so much carbohydrates.

    8. They can be litter trained.  What’s better than that?!

    9. Easy to exercise.  Since they love to play, they’ll very easily play for hours with a ball or toy.  Or run around the AC piping.  Either one.

    10. They have distinct personalities.  Not only are they playful in general, they really do develop their own little personas. 

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