What makes ethanol a green fuel?



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    Nothing. You have been fed lies and drivel by lobbyists and agro insiders. The concept of green ethanol was cooked up by mega farms looking to unload some of the government subsidized corn surplus in conjunction with us automakers hoping to appear green while changing absolutely nothing about themselves and nothing about how their engines are constructed.

    Sure, ethanol burns a little cleaner, yeah, it does, but that’s not taking into account the countless anti green steps along e way. The corissued to make ethanol is hybrid corn pumped full of pesticides and fertilizers, many of which are petroleum based. Farms that grow corn in this way ruin vast swathes of tillable soil and drain the water table. Then, the corn is taken for processing, a brutal process involving chemicals and heat (heat generated from where? That’s right, coal and gas power plants), that spews pollution into the air and pumps landfills full of toxic byproducts.

    At the end of the day, ethanol can decrease us dependence on foreign oil. But if ethanol were to make up even a slightly larger percentage of fuel used in cars we wold have no place left to grow food, and those aren’t even environmental issues.

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    As sylvestergraham so eloquently put it, ethanol is not the best biofuel out there. Corporations will pass anything off as green if it helps them make big bucks. However, there are some green biofuels out there. Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) is a great option because it would have been thrown away anyway. Likewise, using electricity at night to charge a car is green because more energy is being produced than is demanded, and that energy would have gone to waste anyway. Ethanol is to WVO as Hydrogen is to Battery. Hydrogen power is another concept promoted by corporations who think that they can make lots of money on it even though batteries are a more efficient way of storing energy.

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