What makes an environmental protest successful?



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    According to “Development Projects and Critical Theory of Environment” by Jyotsna Bapat, an environmental protest must maintain its legitimacy in the eyes of the public in order to be ultimately successful. Another characteristic of a successful protest is its nonviolence, says Bapat. Successful protests make up parts of larger social movements that address issues of vital importance to communities: water depletion and resource exploitation for example. Having an urgent connection to the issue and refraining from escalating violence help a movement retain its legitimacy.

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    Success i a different thing to measure for protests in general – depending on their goals. If a protests initiative was to change a particular policy or activity – then if that change occurs – it would undeniably be a success.

    This is not the manner it normally works in without an overwhelming majority or some variety of leverage; ie worker’s strikes. Generally I would say that protests concerning environmental issues are successful when they attract attention and empathy for a cause through reasonable action and media coverage.

    And failure would be taking to radical of a position and alienating yourself from the public.

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    It depends on what the goals of the protest were and if they were achieved. One reason people protest is to bring awareness to a cause and action. Whether or not action occurs, the mere sight of protesting draws attention, ultimately drawing attention to the cause and the main purpose for protesting.

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