What makes for an eco-friendly couch?



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    An eco friendly couch would be one made from eco friendly upholstry such as organic hemp, wool, or cotton. Using organic, sustainable, and fair trade cotton batting along with reclaimed wood and non-toxic glues would also significantly reduce its impact on the environment. To view some of the eco couches out there, visit http://www.greenyour.com/home/furnishings/couch/tips/choose-eco-friendly-couch-upholstery.

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    In addition to material selection, an eco-friendly couch should be adaptable in order to extend its useful life and therefore decrease the frequency of buying a new one. In order to be adaptable the coach should be made up of components that can be traded out and movable. For, example couches with mechanical fastening are better than ones with glue because upholstery, cushions, etc. can be cleaned or replaced rather and just getting a need coach.

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    The Sofa Company is the epitome of eco-friendly couches. They try to make truly eco-friendly couches by using “green” technology during production.Their couches are made out of soy foam, a sustainable cushion filling. They also have eco-friendly couch legs made with bamboo.

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