What makes an e-reader good?



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    A good e-reader will be light weight and portable. It will be small enough to be convenient to carry around but have a big enough screen that reading is easy. E-readers are supposed to have screen where the back lighting quickly turns off so the eyes aren’t strained trying to read off the screen. Also a big enough memory to carry a handful of books is essential.

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    There are quite a few benefits of an e-reader. Portability and accessibility are some of the greatest benefits. From an environmental perspective, e-readers do not require the consumption of paper or ink.

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    I agree with the things said above, but I would also add that from the environmental viewpoint e-readers don’t come with obvious drawbacks. Most of them are not recyclable and use manufacturing technologies that are not ecofriendly. Also they use batteries and electricity whenever used. But on the bright side they save a lot of trees, but in the long run they might end up hurting the environment more than benefiting it. This is because paper is a natural material and we can recycle paper pretty well nowadays, and trees are a “renewable” source. 

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