What makes an e-reader better than their competition?



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    E-readers are compared on their screen size, resolution, battery life, weight, overall size, recharge time, price and other factors. These are the most important to consider in my opinion though. 

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    It depends on what you are looking for in an e-reader.  Along with some of the requirements stated in the above answer, some e-readers come with wireless connection so you can purchase and download books directly from the internet, such as the Amazon Kindle.  Although there are some privacy issues that have been brought up from the wireless connection, such as books being deleted from the Kindle after purchase, without notice.  In July 2009, the George Orwell books 1984 and Animal Farm were deleted by Amazon from all Kindles due to copyright issues.

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    I think it is based on accessibility and battery life. The better battery life, the longer the e-reader lasts. The kindle has great navigation features and was designed perfectly. The amazon kindle has a great system of thousands of books that look great on the kindle. 

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