What makes a data center green?



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    Data Centers are one of the top five energy consuming industries in the USA. Reducing that energy use where possible is a critical point in reducing our energy use overall. Data Centers can’t be green per se, but they can be more green, more efficient, and they can be run on sustainable renewable energy.

    Natural ventilation, lower heat CPUs… the first thing is reducing the amount of heat in the room.

    Intel’s Xeon 5100 CPU uses 40% less energy and produces less heat than the older models.

    The data center needs to monitor it’s energy use, knowledge is step one to setting goals and finding affective measures. Management tools can be used to collect data directly from servers.

    The rest is replacing equipment, in itself not a green thing to do so it has to be done intelligently and not willy-nilly. If we just swap things out because the new one is greenwashed we contribute to the problem of constantly consuming new pieces of crap. This is why energy monitoring data is so important. http://www.thegreengrid.org/ Energy star is good place to start in picking out new equipment http://www.energystar.gov/

    Consolidating redundant devices in a big step. Remove servers and devices that are not working efficiently, most physical servers today run at about 10% to 15% utilization. Using virtual servers takes up some of the slack and allows some of these energy hogs to be shut down.


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