What makes an internet company green or not?



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    Well, if the internet company just provides an online service (like mapquest.com — they don’t sell anything, they just provide us with directions and stuff), then it all comes down to what type of servers they run. Some are more energy efficient than others. So if the company is striving to cut down on their carbon footprint by buying servers that (albeit are more expensive, because the energy saving technology is still new, and thus they’re still expensive, but they) use less energy, then they can be considered greener than a competitor that is not willing to invest on the energy saving systems.  

    If a internet company provides more than just a website service, then they must make sure that are doing everything they can to do things the environmentally friendly way. A great example of this would be a battery sales company or a paper company which only sells eco-friendly products (and ships them in a manner which reduces carbon emissions). 

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