What makes a companies supply chain green?



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    A company wants to seize every little chance to improve its reputation.

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    As heivivian said, many companies are just looking to improve their reputation. When a company does something small to make its products more green, and advertises it heavily, it is known as “greenwashing.” However, there are a few companies that actually make green products. These products are often certified by outside organizations such as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or other groups. Just look closely at the label to make sure it is a real certification label rather than a simple claim made by the company.

    In more direct response to your question, a green supply chain is one that has low emissions of pollutants, and all the pollutants that are emitted must be biodegradable. Companies can make their supply chains greener by recycling and composting all of their waste as well as using more energy-efficient manufacturing machines. One thing that the United States Postal service is doing is using electric vehicles for delivery.

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    Companies can make their supply chain greener by reducing their “Scope 3” greenhouse gas emissions. “Scope 3” identifies greenhouse gas emissions that are produced throughout the life of a product or service not directly from the company, such as emissions produced when transporting the product to the store by a third party. If the company can collaborate with a third party that uses more environmentally friendly methods of transporting the product to the store, the “Scope 3” emissions may decrease, thus greening the company’s supply chain.  

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