What makes coffee good quality?



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    Many factors go into creating a high quality coffee. For example, having the most freshly roasted and ground coffee beans and properly brewing them allows for the full range of flavors to be extracted and delivers a good quality coffee. The type of bean also plays a part, people will have different opinions about which type is considered the best, but regardless, the beans used should not be splintered or broken and have a good smell. The coffee arabica species of coffee beans is commonly considered to produce better coffee when compared to others though.

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    Different regions and countries grow beans that have very different flavors, for example some which are floral, due to the soil and surrounding plant species.  Coffee that is grown sustainably is oftentimes grown in the shade, which enables surrounding ecosystems to continue to flourish instead of being destroyed for farming.  Shade-grown coffee matures slower, thus increasing the natural sugar content (which tastes good), as wella as not having to utilize fertilizers and pesticides. 

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