What makes cleaning products eco friendly?



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    The ingredients. Many cleaners contain nasty chemicals that are toxic; to humans when in the home, and to plants and animals if the cleaner is dumped or thrown away. You can make your own cleaning products that are much safer for both you and the environment with things like vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. Not only are these homemade cleaners cheaper, they also don’t come with as much packing, a further bonus for the environment. See the link below for some tips!

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    Eco friendly products are free of toxic chemicals and compounds that don’t break down or harm the environment.  Toxic products are not eco friendly because they kill off animals that it doesn’t mean to kill.  

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    More specifically, conventional cleaning products often contain volatile compounds that cause a multitude of health problems. Air fresheners containing terpenes (which gives them a pine smell) may cause cancer and creates ozone pollution. Phosphates in dishwasher detergent pollute the waters, leading to algae blooms and disrupting plant growth, aquatic habitat and the water drinkability. Eco friendly cleaning products do not contain these chemicals. Additionally, they often use bio-degradable packaging. Personally, I suggest Seventh Generation cleaning product. 

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    There are a lot of cleaning products that utilize chemicals in order to break down waste for easier clean up. Now, in this new wave of environmental awareness, cleaning products are utilizing a much higher end group of ingredients. With this reduction of chemicals, there is less damaging waste created and less damage done on the human body during accidental inhalation.

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