What makes a car green?



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    There aren’t really any truly green cars yet, in the sense that none are sustainable. Some cars are much greener than others, though. Conventional cars emit a lot of carbon dioxide from fuel combustion, making them very environmentally damaging. Hybrids use a lot less fuel and are better for the environment. Greener still are fully electric vehicles and hydrogen cars, which can derive energy from clean, renewable sources. These are the green cars of the future, though the technology for them is still in its infancy.

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    A “green” car is made or broken on its fuel mileage if its hybrid, as well as it emissions (or lack thereof with certain cars). Tesla Motors recently came out with a car twice as efficient as the Prius, but still is a little out of price range for the average consumer.

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    A car is currently labeled green if the fuel economy is higher than 30mph. Hybrid cars are considered green because the engine uses both fuel and electricity to run. No car is truly green yet, but vehicles that conserve fuels and energy are being title green currently.

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