What makes the Blue Jay blue?



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    White, blue, metallic and irredescent color in birds are due to feather structure, also called schemochromes. Many people bleieve that air pockets in the feather barb, which selectively scatter blue light, as well as a dark melanin layer, which absorbs the other colors, result in blue color. Basically, the feather is jsut able to reflect blue due to structure, so any alternation to a blue feather like grinding it into a powder or using a back light instead of top would not result in a blue color.

    The sources I used are awesome and are all about bird feather colors.

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    Blue jays are white or light grey underneath and blue, black, and white on their outermost feathers. The pigment in their feathers is melanin, a brown color. We see blue because of the way the light reflects off of the feather barbs. 

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