What makes anti freeze such a bad chemical?



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    Anti freeze contains ethylene glycol, a known poisonous substance that is used to prevent fluids from freezing in cars during the cold months. Used anti freeze can contain lead, copper, zinc and benzine. The environmental danger that can come from this substance is when it is improperly disposed or leaks from a car. It can have negative effects on ground water and aquatic life. The chemical components of anti freeze require a large amount of oxygen and deprive water of the necessary oxygen to sustain life when it is dumped. It can also cause harm to humans if breathed in or ingested including kidney and liver disease as well as skin and eye irritations.

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    Ethylene glycol, the primary chemical in most brands of antifreeze, is highly toxic to those who ingest it.  It has a sweet taste and odor, which can make antifreeze attractive to children and pets who might try and drink it.  When ingested, ethylene glycol converst to oxalic acid, which can cause severe, sometimes fatal kidney damage.  

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