What makes an animal nocturnal?



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    An animal is nocturnal if they have evolved to sleep during the day and are generally active at night. For many nocturnal predators, being active at night is advantageous to hunting. Other nocturnal animals, particularly those that live in deserts, are active at night to escape the extreme heat of the desert. Most nocturnal animals have adapted eyesight to be able to see in the dark. They oftentimes have developed senses of hearing and smell, to make it easier to thrive as an animal that is active at night.

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    Nocturnal animals are animals that are active at night and sleep during the day, like opossums, owls, and bats. Animals become nocturnal due to evolutionary trends. A good example is bats, many bats eat insects, and the insects they prey on tend to be more active at night, which means it makes sense for the bats to be active at night. Over the centuries bats became nocturnal due to evolution.

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    Nocturnal activity can be an adaptation to avoid or enhance predation. Some animals are also nocturnal in order to keep out of the heat of the day. This is especially true in deserts, where many animals’ nocturnal behavior prevents them from losing precious water during the hot, dry daytime.

    Many seabirds and sea turtles attend breeding sites or colonies nocturnally to reduce the risk of predation (to themselves or their offspring).

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