What major U.S. city has the worst public transit?



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    The largest US city without public transportation is Arlington, Texas, with a population of 365,000. That by far is the worst public transport because it is non-existent.

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    Opinions vary. Even though a public transit system is reliable and have a lot of stations, it might be dirty inside, which could cause people to dislike using public transit. Cleanliness is more of an issue for some people than others. According to Garry Jaffe from Chicago, Chicago’s public transit system is the worst. He wrote, “The best anyone can say about the CTA is that it is the worst public transit system in the country. The stations are leaky, and the trains are filthy, especially the trash that piles up in the ‘hobo corner’: Those are the seats that make up the motorman’s cab when that’s the lead car of the train; otherwise it’s available for anyone to sit in.” Conversely, Ed Tennyson said that Chicago’s Metro is “much quieter, safer, cleaner and more comfortable” than New York’s Metro.

    According to Paul Krugman, Atlanta lacks adequate public transit and has a large amount of sprawl. 89 percent of workers drive and less than 4 percent use public transit. Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, St. Petersburg (FL), St. Louis, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Sarasota are also said to lack adequate public transit. It is difficult to be without a car in those places.

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