What is the main source of food for snakes in the wild?



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    While what a snake eats in the wild depends a lot on its size and habitat, one thing that all snakes have in common is that they are carnivores.  A snake’s diet may consist of any number of creatures, including insects, worms, mice, frogs, lizard, other snakes, fish (for water snakes), birds, and eggs.  Some snakes, such as boa constrictors, pythons and racers, prefer warm-blooded prey, but generally, a snake will eat whatever is available, so long as it’s living and is small enough to get down their throat.

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    A snakes diet varies depending on its size and habitat. But all snakes are carnivores. Water snakes or snakes that dwell in wetlands feed on amphibians, fish and insects like worms. Larger ground snakes tend to feed on rodents (often mice), birds or small lizards. Snakes that swell in trees tend to feed on birds and lizards because they are more accessible. The largest of snakes like anacondas, pythons and boa constrictors have been known to eat larger mammals like deer.

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