what is the main sequence in stars?



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    Stars live the majority of their burning phases in their main sequence. This is the period of time where the star is converting hydrogen atoms in to helium and gamma radiation. Our sun has been in the main sequence for about 5 billion years. Stars will radiate during this sequence to compensate for heat and energy loss.

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    A star goes through many phases during its life cycle. The first is when a star is born, known as the protostar phase. Once the star has been ignited to begin its fusion of hydrogen to convert it into helium, it begins as a very hot blue star. As the star reaches it’s adulthood, it becomes like our current Sun, a yellow star. This phase is known as the main sequence, in which the star will live out the majority of its multi-billion-year life fusing hydrogen into helium. After this phase comes the red giant phase, in which the star begins to cool down and increases in size. The last phase is the “dying” phase, in which the star will final burn out to become a white dwarf, black hole, or even a super nova.

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