what is the main purpose of this site(greenanswer) and what is the meaning of that i planted 1 tree?

this is about the site.



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    It’s a place where people who are interested in ecology can ask questions that will be answered by people who are also interested in ecology.

    “Planting a tree” means that, because of your activity, the site sponsors have “matched” your contribution to the community by physically planting a tree somewhere.

    In addition to the intended uses … lol … are also a few people trying to promote their business product. Those questions are often of the form “What makes product X so great?” Ha, ha, ha.

    The other use is people asking questions on their homework assignment. I mean geeze. If they’re totally stuck on something, and need a hint, that’s one thing. But “List 5 Reasons that Stop X from being green” … Students, the teacher isn’t asking US for answers, they are asking YOU.

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