What is the main predator of baby sea turtles?



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    There are many different things that pose big problems to baby sea turtles. After they hatch and are still on the beach, crabs and birds pose u huge threat to them. If they make it into the water, sharks, bigger fish, and other birds will try and nab these little guys. Overall, I would say birds are the biggest predator of baby sea turtles. 

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    Humans also have an enormous impact on sea turtle reproduction for numerous reasons. The primary way people are negatively impacting baby sea turtles is through loss of habitat. The coastal areas where turtles nest are often densely populated with people. The presence of people on the beach can cause nesting females to shift to less suitable nesting sites. Also, baby seat turtles find their way to the ocean by the reflection of the moonlight and coastal lighting disorientates the baby turtles. The presence of people on beaches where turtles are nesting means that the baby turtles have one more predator before they even reach the ocean. 

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